John de la Howe School
"South Carolina's Home for Children"

The following three documents must be completed and signed in order to determine placement for your child. You may call and request them from the Admissions Department (864)-391-2131 ext. 493 or 417, or download and/or print at your convenience. All files are in PDF format. If you do not have the acrobat reader, click here to download the free application.

  •    The JDLH Application Procedure for Placement - 8 pgs. (pdf)
  •    The JDLH Application-Client Information for Admission - 6 pgs.  (pdf)
  •    The JDLH Pre-Placement Physical Exam and Medical Forms - 7 pgs. (pdf)

The Admissions Department will conduct a complete pending file review of the following information which will also need to be provided for your child.

  •    School records for determining educational needs 
  •    Other agency information if applicable (e.g., Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice)
  •    Immunization Records (DHEC 1148 Form)
  •    A copy of the Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and any medical/dental/prescription cards
  •    A psychological evaluation and/or psychoeducational (if applicable)
  •    Counseling records (if applicable)
  •    Information from any out-of-home placements (if applicable)

The person(s) applying is responsible for collecting the listed information and sending (mail or fax) it to: John de la Howe School - Admissions Dept. - 192 Gettys Road - McCormick, SC 29835. (Fax #: 864-391-2150).

It is important that we receive all information as required. The submitted information is reviewed by the Admissions Department which determines the agency's ability to meet the child's and family's behavioral, educational, physical, and medical needs. An assessment interview may be scheduled with the child and family. This visit provides an opportunity for the child, family, and John de la Howe School to "get to know each other". It also provides staff, child and family an opportunity to ask and receive answers to questions.

Following approval for admission, the following steps occur:

  •    The family arranges for the child to receive a physical examination (all medical forms are provided above)
  •    The monthly service fee is determined
  •    A date for placement is determined

Please print and review the clothing/supply lists of the items that will be required for your child should he/she be placed on the Residential campus or the Wilderness camp:

  • JDLH Uniforms' Letter of Agreement (pdf)
  • Girls Clothing/Supply List - 2 pgs. (pdf)
  • Boys Clothing/Supply List -2 pgs. (pdf)
  • Wilderness Camp Personal Gear - Summer (pdf)
  • Wilderness Camp Personal Gear - Winter (pdf)


How long will it take to get my child in placement?
An admission decision can be made as soon as all of the required records/documentation has been received. The placement date will depend on the parent/guardian's schedule and availability of bed space.

How much does it cost?
Based on income of family, tuition/fees range from $50-$350 per month and will be determined by the overall net income of the household. Parents are responsible for clothing and medical, dental, and optical expenses. In addition, John de la Howe School is a Medicaid provider.

What age range children do you serve?
John de la Howe School serves males and females ages 12 to 17 years. Students in 6th through 10th grade attend the state-accredited L.S. Brice School on campus while students in the 11th and 12th grade attend the McCormick High School.




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