John de la Howe School
"South Carolina's Home for Children"

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote acquaintance and fellowship among the members of the Association; to promote fellowship and cooperation between the Association and the school; and to promote Christian education and the high ideals for which John de la Howe School was founded.

Regular Members The membership of the Association shall consist of former students, teachers, and staff members.

Associate Members Associate membership may be conferred upon individuals who are ineligible for regular membership. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, such members may or may not be required to pay dues. They shall be entitled to all privileges of membership except voting and holding office.

Honorary Members Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals as provided for in the By-Laws.

President: Ronnie Davis (1967-1973); Vice-President: Richard Wolfe (1965-1971); Secretary: Tammy Hill and Treasurer: Sharon Davis Hughes (1967-75). Mr. Tony Warren (1959-62) is the Alumni's Parlimentarian.

Members: Jo Ann Alewine Durst (1969-72); George Albert McClain, Jr.; Gene Swygert (1950-55); Cheryl Garrett Cooper (1970-73); Robin Revis Prince (1974-78); Jody Bowen; and Thom W. Mayer - Superintendent JDLH School.

The biennial dues for members of the Association are $10.00. Dues are payable at the Biennial Reunion or may be mailed at any time to the Association Treasurer.

A Board of Directors, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and nine directors carries out the governing functions of the Association, meeting on predetermined dates between Reunions, or at the call of the President. Elections to the Board of Directors are held at the afternoon business meeting at the Biennial Reunion.

The Association has the following standing committees: Administration, Audit, Finance, Fund-Raising, Membership, Nominating, Program, Projects, and Reunion.

"The Alumni Association shall hold regular membership business meetings on the second Saturday in October, every two (2) years, in even numbered years." This is in accordance with By-Laws Amendment approved at July 8, 2000 Business Meeting.

The first Reunion of John de la Howe School Alumni was held on July 13, 1957 with 450 persons in attendance. On February 2, 1958, an Alumni Committee voted to form the John de la Howe School Alumni Association. During 1959 and 1960, the development of a Constitution and By-Laws was accomplished with the proposed document read and discussed on January 17, 1960. A Certificate of Incorporation was issued from the State of South Carolina on July 7, 1960. Then on January 29, 1961, the Charter of the John de la Howe School Alumni Association was presented.

The Alumni Association believes strongly in giving back to the students presently being served at John de la Howe School. Each year, scholarships are presented to graduating seniors, and financial assistance is provided with the School's yearbook publication. In addition, Project Path (Proud Alumni That Help) sponsors special fund-raisers throughout the year to help improve the quality of life for children and young people presently at John de la Howe School.

The Alumni Association Website was started in May 2007 and currently has broght together three generations of the de la Howe family. It has proven to be the main source of information for many alumni and there are many photos for your viewing pleasure. Also, it is just great to be able to read how de la Howe changed the lives of many alumni by helping them become stronger individuals. The site is hosted by and membership is "FREE". All Alumni are warmly welcome. Send your email address to: to receive your username and password.



On a hill in old Carolina,
'neath the skies so blue,
Proudly stands the
de la Howe School,
Noble, grand and true!

Lift the chorus, speed it onward,
Make the welkin ring,
Hail to thee, Our Alma Mater,
Loud her praises sing.

Hail to those who with us labor,
Teaching us each day,
Guiding us in mindful honors,
Striving every day.

Hail to thee, our dear old
State school ,
Hail to thee, our song,
May thy happy memories ever,
Linger with us long!


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